Why Apple is sometimes awesome and wonderful

Finally, a topic worthy of a rant!

For years I’ve been almost religiously advocating the use of Android-based products. Still, sometimes one must admit defeat, and the fact that sometimes it is important for things to just work. Spending time wrestling with an UX designed for handless orangutans is pointless and accomplishes nothing.

Recently my parents decided that it would be fun to watch Yle areena in their living room. Naturally it fell upon me to get that set up. After reviewing a few options, I quickly decided to go with Apple TV, mainly because of the simple UI. I bought the thingy for 150€ and installed it in fifteen minutes. My parents were most pleased with the device.

Original problem: Parents need to watch a streaming service with an old TV
Solution: Get them an Apple TV
Components required:
    -Any TV that understands HDMI
    -An Apple TV with its accessories
    -Any HDMI-cable
    -An internet connection, either wired or wireless one
Steps taken to accomplish the solution: 
    -Buy the thingy
    -Open the box
    -Plug it in
    -Follow the on-screen instructions to create an Apple ID
    -Follow the on-screen instructions to create an App Store ID
Time to accomplish: 15 minutes
Operation difficulty: Very low
Hatred against humanity caused by the operation: n/a

It just so happened that the very same night we decided to watch a movie with a couple of friends. Luckily we happened to have an awesome 4K TV in our club room, equipped with a state of the art Android functionalities. “Finally a goot time to try out renting a movie from Google Play!”, I thought. “After all the service is made to compete with Apple and is a rather simple one, using my Android phone and Chromecast to beam the movie to the screen should be a walk in the park. Just paying 3.99€ to skip the hazzle that comes with illegally downloading the movie is sure to be worth it.”

“No” said the universe, “Today I’ll have some fun with these guys.”

It took 5 technology students and 30 minutes to get the movie playing smoothly after renting it from Google Play. It would have almost been faster to go borrow the Apple TV and use that to watch the movie from the iTunes Store.

Original problem: We need to watch a movie that Netflix doesn't offer
Solution: Rent the movie from Google Play
Components required:
    -A TV with Android installed
    -A phone with Android installed
    -Internet connection for the TV and the phone
Steps taken to accomplish the solution: 
    -Rent the movie
    -Join the Wi-Fi with your phone that the TV is in
    -Open Google Play in your phone
    -Choose the TV as the device to cast the movie
    -Tell the app to start the movie
    -Start watching the movie
    -Notice that the sound is multiple seconds off-sync
    -Try rebooting the TV
    -Try to do the steps described above again for a couple of times without success.
    -Decide to login to the TV with your Google account to skip the phone altogether, right now the TV has a dummy account logged in
    -Login to the TV with your account, Google Movies does not list the rented movie
    -Go change the settings to only use the actual account with movies, no success
    -Remove the dummy account from the device
    -Go back to Google Movies, now the movie you rented is listed as it should be
    -Finally get to watch the movie
Time to accomplish: 30 minutes
Operation difficulty: High
Hatred against humanity caused by the operation: Medium

So yeah, not a walk in the park. The quality of the experience was inexcusable by all standards. Using an entirely Android based ecosystem to pay for watching a movie should be at least as easy as it is with Apple. Sure, Apple spends a great deal of time ironing out these things from their products, but so should Google. No 3rd party components were present and Google still failed to deliver even remotely a passable experience.

There is little to no reason to stick with Android nowadays, as privacy and platform versatility are on the same level between Google and Apple. From now on Apple gets my money as it comes to multimedia and phones, I’d rather pay for the ease of use